Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Constantly curating

This past Friday night was the opening of my second exhibition at Emily Amy Gallery, which was a great success!  Since I am the only one currently employed by the gallery, the title of owner/director encompasses many things.  Although many of my odd jobs are not so glamorous, one of my favorite "tasks" in preparing for a show is curating.  

Curating gives me the liberty to really showcase my skills in art placement and artist recruitment.  It also gives me the thrill of hanging the galley with all new work, which makes the gallery so much more exciting to return to on a daily basis.  For this show I chose 5 gallery artists and worked around the theme of how different artist depict nature in a show entitled, Nature Interpreted.  

Coincidentally, as I was reading through Coco+Kelley's blog the other day, I discovered Urban Curators.  Urban Curators is a project "highlighting interesting and unexpected areas in urban environments."  The objective of the collaborative is to "celebrate the beauty of the abandoned, unused, and decaying spaces in the city."

While speaking with Laura this past Friday at the opening, our discussion turned to how blogging made us stop and appreciate all the beauty in the world that we may not have noticed before.  There is truly so much to be thankful for, even during these hard times.

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