Friday, November 13, 2009

The 2009 Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House

James Koskinas, Corez, Acrylic on canvas, 28" x 22"

Cecil Touchon, FS 2729, Collage on panel, 11.5" x 11.5"

Paul Rousso, The Rolling Stone, Beatles Anniversary Issue, Collage, 30" x 30"

James Koskinas' Corez in Bob Brown's study. Courtesy of Peak of Chic.

Cecil Touchon's hanging above the Hermes bicycle in Mark Williams' room. Courtesy of Yummy Scrumptious.

As many of you have likely already read via Peak of Chic or Things that Inspire, this weekend marks the opening of the 2009 Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House! Those of us at Emily Amy Gallery are particularly excited this year because both Bob Brown (Robert Brown Interior Design) and Mark Williams (Mark Williams Design Associates) chose to use EAG artists in their rooms. Personally, I have not yet seen the house, but I am sure with the roster of designers this year ranging from Suzanne Kasler to Beth Webb, the house certainly will not disappoint. The house is open November 14th-December 6th, so be sure to stop by.

Oh, and look out for gallery artists James Koskinas, Paul Rousso and Cecil Touchon who will be gracing the walls!


Terry said...

Congratulations. They look good in the pictures. I'm sure they will be knockouts in person.

nice said...
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Niki Papadopoulos said...

I hope you got the tickets I sent you! Thank you again for letting us borrow all of those pieces, Mark and I both feel like they add so much to our space. Thank you for your generosity!

Tobing Andika said...

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