Thursday, July 1, 2010

The best things...

Quote by John Ruskin

I recently ran across this image when perusing one of my artists' Facebook pages a few weeks ago and since then, I have not been able to stop applying it to my daily life. The affect the poetic image had on me is two-fold. Not only have I recently learned more about graffiti, stenciling, and wheat pasting than I ever thought I would need to know (thank you Exit Through the Gift Shop), but I have also been spending a lot of time trying to re-focus my attention of what is truly important. Life is fleeting and I have realized sometimes the most important things in my life are those that are often the most undervalued. Some of my favorite examples are: the color the sky turns when the sun is setting, a really good cup of coffee with a close friend, a two hour phone conversation with someone I haven't seen in 6 months, and a long drive without any necessary destination. If I was asked today to share my favorite things from the last few months, these are some of the things I would mention.

Fortunately for me, when others are asked the same thing, I would wager that some of them would mention visiting a museum or gallery they love or even spending time with one of their favorite paintings. I feel so blessed to be able to offer that respite to passersby and gallery-goers daily. If not every day, at least once a week, I have someone actually thank me for doing what I do and that feels so good. So I just wanted to say thank you in return.

Thank all of you for the support over the last 2 years and for allowing me to do something that I love. One of "the best things in life" is knowing that there are people out there who appreciate art and that I get to share my passion for art with them. I am truly so appreciative.

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Terry said...

Ms. Amy, you certainly do your best to make folks fell welcome at your place.