Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bold, Bright & Beautiful

As any fashion magazine will tell you, one of the top trends of Spring is bright colors. Bright colors are always en vogue around here, and just in time for spring we have received two new shipments of some very "trendy" pieces. See some examples below...

In this short video from the premiere issue of TRADhome, designers Charlotte Moss and Jonathan Adler point out that two of the best ways to update classical interiors are to use bold colors...and modern art! Click here to watch the video. We were so excited to hear them point out that not only is modern art appropriate in a classical room setting, but it also enhances the appeal and is a wonderful way to update traditional design.

From the Estate of Carl Plansky

Flowers VII, Flowers V, Landscape I

And from Dorothy Goode...

Paintings I Wrote On #2, #5, #8

Charlotte Moss
(image via

Private Residence, by Jonathan Adler
(image via

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