Wednesday, June 22, 2011


(image courtesy of Hampton Hostess Blog)

One of our favorite ways to see art hung is in the salon-style. It's inspirational, dynamic, and always unique. Not to mention, a fantastic way to mix all styles of art, photography and imagery. Notice in so many of these images, traditional still life paintings hang right next to graphic black and white photographs. Or, as seen in the third image, you can accomplish a very interesting wall with only traditional elements, like equestrian imagery, botanicals and maps.

Just don't get caught up worrying about symmetry or perfection. And, don't be afraid to throw in other pieces alongside art, like a mirror; or hang your art around existing sconces. This is also a great way to showcase those small, often more affordable, pieces of art that you have collected over the years, that might not be able to hang alone on a wall.

A fun example can be found in one of our favorite movies, The Royal Tenenbaums. Etheline Tenenbaum hangs her son Richie's art along the walls of their quirky home, which was actually all done by director Wes Anderson's brother, Eric...see below.

(image courtesy of Jonathan Adler)

(image courtesy of Verdigris Vie blog)

(image courtesy of Two Coats of Paint)

(image courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

(above two images courtesy of IGN Movies)

(image courtesy of The House of Wood blog, via Domino)

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harold hollingsworth said...

as a former art installer, the only challenge was the client often developing the layout as we went, that could be a full and long, long day, hehe