Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Favorite Place

This morning I read an article in the New York Times about Dia:Beacon, the contemporary art museum located in Beacon, New York.  The article discusses how the trip to the museum and the museum itself provide a much-needed calm in this turbulent time.  The space sounds more than impressive and the walkway to the museum sounds as though its not too bad either (offering views of the Hudson and historic bridges that cross over train tracks).  The collection, which is predominantly Minimalist, Conceptual and Post-Minimalist art is likely well worth the trip too.

When pondering where in Atlanta you can find a calming recluse from the hustle and bustle of our city, I immediately thought of my favorite place (other than my gallery, of course), Jackson Fine Art.  Although the trip to Jackson Fine Art is not nearly as picturesque as the train trip from New York City to Beacon, at least you turn off the 6-laned portion of Peachtree Street onto Shadowlawn, which is a lazy old street in Buckhead that still consists of old bungalows lined up one after another that now house galleries, boutiques, cake shops and florists.  And even though Jackson may not be as impressive as Dia:Beacon, it is certainly a safe haven and a head-clearer for any urbanite.   


Brilliant Asylum said...

Jackson Fine Art is a favorite (next to your gallery, of course). It does make for a nice retreat from mall traffic on Peachtree.

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I agree. I get all of their invitations and always try and make it to their shows. Photography is also a great departure from paintings.


Hello from Canada! Good luck with your new gallery!

Paris Atelier said...

Hello! I have to tell you that I LOVE your site! I'm adding you to my blogroll & I can't wait to read each & every post! Thanks for your lovely comment & I'll be around soon! Nice to meet you! :)
Paris Atelier~
PS I am dying over this image! I know the perfect spot for it in my home!

Style Court said...

I like how you remind us that galleries can be a peaceful retreat too.