Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you Jerry

Today, while reading my daily dose of Counterforces and Other Little Jokes (the blog of local art critic and friend, Jerry Cullum) I felt the immediate need to say 'THANK YOU'.  You can read his post from Sunday, December 14th here.  Times are tough for many (who are we kidding, MOST) small businesses now, due to the recent downturn in our economy, but art galleries are some of those that are hurting the most.  So, I say 'thank you, thank you, Jerry' for mentioning the gallery owners and directors who are still bringing new and vibrant art to the city amidst these hard times.

As a nod to Jerry, I too would like to pay my respects to all of those gallery owners (locally and nationally) who continue to make our world a better place by making art accessible to the public. To this effect, above I have included images and links to some of my favorite small local galleries in the city.  If you have the money to buy art, please show your support by purchasing a painting from a local gallery.  If you cannot make a purchase, all I ask, is that you please visit your local gallery and see the wonderful new exhibitions that the owners and directors have labored over, that may not be as well-attended this year.  I know just as well as anyone else how much they would appreciate it.

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