Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love New York






It is no surprise that I love New York City. Everything about it excites me. There is obviously no shortage of art galleries to visit or museum shows to attend, but it is more than that. New York City has that thing. Whatever it is (it is difficult to pinpoint) it just makes you feel good and so alive. So, I am looking very forward to my trip there that begins tomorrow night when I step foot on the plane and ends Tuesday morning when I have to return to the gallery. Since most of you will not be able to join me in NYC this weekend, I thought I would give you my show-going itinerary and you can live vicariously through the blog entry and accompanying pictures. I know, I know; it's not the same as being there. If you do happen to be in the city just let me know and maybe we can catch some shows together. For the rest of you, I promise to send pictures as soon as I return!

Not to miss shows:

(1) Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outwards, May 15 - August 23--Guggenheim Museum

(2) Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective, May 20 - August 16th--Metropolitan Museum

(3) Yayoi Kusama, April 16 - June 27--Gagosian Gallery

(4) 6 Works, 6 Rooms, June 27 - August 14--David Zwirner Gallery

(5) Younger than Jesus, April 8 - July 5--The New Museum

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