Thursday, June 25, 2009

One more reason I love New York

Henri Bendel storefront

Florine Stettheimer, detail of Spring Sale at Bendel's, 50" x 40", Oil on canvas, 1921

detail of Stettheimer's signature as a monogram on the dog's sweater in Spring Sale at Bendel's

Okay, okay. So I might be doing just a little bit of shopping too. Henri Bendel is one of my favorite stores of all time (captured here by American artist Florine Stettheimer in 1921). Some of you may be surprised to find out that I actually wrote my Master's Thesis on Florine Stettheimer, so I had to include an image of hers sooner or later. Below is the text on the label accompanying this painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
The painter, Florine Stettheimer, and her sisters Carrie and Ettie, were among Manhattan's most imaginative hosts during the teens and twenties, mixing circles of intellectuals, artists and socialites. Here Stettheimer offers a humorous look at the chaotic world of high fashion at bargain prices during a sale at one of New York's best-known stores. She signed the painting with her initials on a monogrammed sweater worn by the Pekingese dog in the corner.
So fanciful, flirty, and fun. Just like New York City...I just can't wait!

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