Friday, February 25, 2011

New York, New York

(image courtesy of Balthazar Restaurant)

(image courtesy of the Armory Show)

Tomorrow before the sun rises, we head off to the Big Apple for the Armory Show. This first week of March is the time for art lovers/dealers/gallerists and aficionados to converge on the city and attend contemporary and modern fairs, openings, and city-wide events. Assuming we can keep up with what we have laid out, here is a peek at our schedule. Might need a vacation after the week that we have planned!

Fortunately for us, several of our artists will be in town, and ready to show us around the fairs. A special thanks to everyone who has sent along suggestions and tips for surviving the fairs. And as we have been spoiled by the weather in Atlanta of late, we will be quickly reminded when we land that yes, it is still winter in parts of the country...might be checking luggage after all.

Opening for Fahamu Pecou, brunch at Balthazar, dinner at Del Posto, cocktails at Weather Up! and many, many more adventures. Hope to see some of you up there, and will report back after the trip! Hope to finish Peggy Guggenheim's memoirs on the plane as we are flying through it; any suggestions for our next read??

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